Visual Worshiper is a consulting and live event design group that exists to re-ignite a passion in the Church for authentic visual worship using the tools and talent God has given His people.  We offer visual experiences that not only transform a building, but also renew a person's spirit.

Our passion and joy in life is creating worship environments using light and projection, using Environmental Projection as our main tool.  Our desire is to train people to become visual worshipers and visual worship leaders.  Most of today's worship gatherings require some level of production, but most of the time there is tension in finding the balance in using media as an art-form that truly enhances the worship.  Churches are often only taught WHAT and HOW, but we also teach WHY and HOW to use technology to pursue visual worship.  We offer powerful transformational experiences to the people we serve.

Our Story

I literally grew up in the Church.  Specifically, a church in north Texas where I started doing tech when I was in middle school.  One day, the tech director called and asked if I wanted to be an audio intern in the tech department.  I was 15 years old and couldn’t even drive myself to my first Sunday morning service. (Read more)


  • Sugar Crash

    The SALT conference in Nashville finished up for this year and I’m left feeling amazed. Amazed at the conversations I was able to have with dear close friends, and amazed at the encouragement and knowledge that I think was shared. But what amazed me the most was that in almost EVERY conversation, the question/topic came up from church leaders: “What’s next?

  • Drawing People Heavenward

    I just got an email from a friend of mine who I've helped along the path of environmental projection and going deeper with visuals. He said "In a time when some churches are painting walls black and focusing light on the stage, God seems to be leading us to add more light and color to the whole environment... drawing attention Heavenward." What a great physical reminder that what we do in our services says so much, without saying a word.

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