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Fonts in worship lyrics can be an interesting topic to bring up.  When I mention changing the font to match the worship song, most people look at me like a deer in headlights.  They usually have to idea what to do with what I'm saying, and if they do, they are literally too skeptical to try it.

There is a whole bunch of stuff about the design and typography of fonts...but honestly, I'm not that smart.  When I first started dwelling in this visual worship conversation and doing visual media at my home church, the font was always Bold, Arial, Center.  Nothing wrong with this, but I think it can be better.  I feel that if we're looking at the same font for every song, every Sunday, things can get a little...blurry.  I think it's wise to have carefully selected different fonts that differentiate each song text.  Every song doesn't sound the same, and you probably don't use the exact same background EVERY Sunday, so why are fonts any different?  Check out the examples:

Same backgrounds, but I simply paid attention to what the song felt like and chose a font that (I think) better fit the emotion and spirit of the song. The first (introspective) is like I'm writing a letter to God as I'm singing it. I wanted the next one (nature) to have a more organic feel to it, while the last one (sacred) has a reverent/ornate look and feel.

Notice how I also moved the text so it complemented the image and on the background with the candle, and I even colored the text slightly amber to match the color of the candle. I will make the font white for 99% of the lyrics, but sometimes you have a warm-coloredd background for a quiet response song, that white text can scream out a bit too loud. By simply warming the color of the text, I think it blends better as a visual worship element.

Of course, you want the congregation to be able to read everything - I feel like that's a given. I made this font guide for myself a while back, and while I know there are fonts that should be on here, I hope this gets you started.

Font Guide Download

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1. Pete Lawrance wrote:
You make some very valid and interesting points. We have tended to stick to the same font and colour for every service. However I have used a different font for marriage services and this went down well. I was fortunate that the bride & groom have me a fairly free hand although I did constantly check with them that they were ok with the ideas.
I particularly like you idea of the warm font colour and will start to introduce this.

Thanks for a great posting

Sat, June 16, 2012 @ 4:36 AM

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