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I borrowed this from Simon Sinek and he calls it the Golden Circle, but it applies directly to how I approach visual worship, Environmental Projection, and worship lighting.  I thought it was a great visual to share.

When it comes to ‘doing’ visual worship, or anything related to it (EP, mini-movies, lighting, candles, drama…etc) it doesn’t start with HOW or even WHAT.  It starts with WHY.  So many times after a live worship night doing visuals and lighting; people will come up and ask me “How do you do that?!”   Usually they are talking about those ‘visual moments’ in worship that they can’t even articulate how it affected them; but they know how they FELT in their heart and spirit.  Asking “How did you do that?” is the best way they can verbalize it!   I say “this is how I worship”…it’s a natural outpouring of my passion.  That’s WHY I do it…the HOW is technical – they really don’t care about that part (usually), but they want to know why something as simple as lighting and projection can be used to create powerful/subtle/beautiful worship moments.

I’ve spoken on this many times; but I hope this visual is something that you can take with you.  Make a list of every little thing you are doing visually in your worship service, right down to the color of the carpet, and ask yourself WHY are we doing it like that?  Maybe your reason will be because someone else told you so…maybe it’s because you really want it that way…maybe you have no idea.  But, I challenge you to write it all down and see how you can have a more cohesive worship environment.

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