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My Top Three Worship Lighting Colors

My Top Three Worship Lighting Colors

I frequently have churches ask me what colors I would choose for lighting if I had to pick only a few.  Generally, I get asked this from churches who have only white light and are ready to spend a few dollars to add some gel and bring some color mood into the room.  So, if you're wondering how to take the first step to adding color, here are my suggestions:


Good Friday   Passion, blood, sacrament, love, and even a metaphor for sin.

I'll pick on Rosco for a bit.  In their standard gel color list, they only offer about four shades of RED.  Gam and Lee, on the other hand, have a lot more shades.  If you're using Rosco, I like Rosco 26 (R26), but it can sometimes be the tiniest bit pink when used with something like a 1000w PAR64.


Christmas Night   Calm, serenity, peacefulness, and in some contests, cold, solitude.

Contrary to "reds" in gel-world, these are about a million shades and hues of blue, which I like because I'm a huge fan of using blues because there are lots of subtle emotions within the color blue itself.  I like a deep saturated blue normally, but a cyan can be a little more fun while a pale blue can be cold and brittle.  I like R83 for a rich blue, but it's so dark that light just gets sucked up resulting in very little light output even from a 1000 watt PAR.  I recommend using dichroic glass for at least any blue colors you use, like Rosco's Permacolor, and use R80.  The glass won't burn through and you'll get a VERY significant increase in light output from your light fixture when using this.


Easter Morning   Joyful, fun, celebration.

To be more precise, amber/yellow.  I tend to use yellow for Easter, and amber for a candlelight mood in the room.  Usually you can get both from a light/medium amber though; run the light at 100% for more "yellow" and dim the light for more of an "amber" color.  I like R16 for a light amber and R321 for a medium amber.

Also with these three colors, you get purple/magenta (blue+red) and a deep orange (red+amber).  I love using blue and orange for a sunset look; and again, you've only sued three colors.

You can use all gel if you want, but I highly recommend using the dichroic glass for the blue color - you just need to tell your lighting company (Barbizon...Norcostco) what fixture you're using it in, and be sure to get the safety grid if you're putting the glass out in front of the fixture.  (For a PAR64 example, you have to have the glass out in front.  But, for a ETC Source 4 leko, you can get a smaller-sized glass that fits in the gobo slot, which is safer to me having the glass inside the housing.)

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