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Gear Envy

Gear Envy

Whenever I go to conferences/events, I always hear church people talk about "how amazing the _____ was, or how powerful _____ was."

Usually they are talking about some piece of technology - a lighting rig, projection display, audio system...etc.  There isn't anything wrong with saying that - I say it myself! :)

But where I have the issue is when we start saying "That was an awesome _______ at that conference, and I am leaving this conference wishing I had THAT."  OR more simply: "If I only had _______ just like the conference/event had, we could be more effective in our services."

I know that technology can enhance worship and help share the message; I'm not talking about that.  I talking about the mentality that might creep in that says "We can't be effective without all of THAT technology."

Remember that the particular event/conference that you attended crafted those experiences MONTHS ago, and even if you HAD all the same technology, it might not fit YOUR CONTEXT.  It worked for the conference, but maybe not for your church community.

So I want to encourage you - next time you leave some big event/conference with all the production value, remember that God placed you in your church and your church in a community for a reason.  He also has given you skills and talent to use the technology currently at your disposal to help spread the gospel.  So be thankful. :-)  

Technology doesn't replace anything - it only enhances what's already there.

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1. Phil Holland wrote:
Good point Camron. I have said this many times, and still I fall into that trap over thinking, IF I JUST HAD!!!


Tue, February 5, 2013 @ 9:35 AM

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