providing transformational visual experiences through technology and relationships


Why the name Visual Worshiper?
 You can read the story of how Camron came up with the name "Visual Worshiper" and the heart behind this ministry here.

What do you mean by "visual worship?"
 Visual worship is a phrase commonly used in the creative church community to describe an aspect of worship that engages people through the use of visuals - art, lighting, set design, projection, color...etc.
 It is a verb, not a noun - one way we worship is visually.
 Visual worship is not about what your eyes see; it's about how your mind, your heart, and your spirit connect with and respond to God.

What is Environmental Projection?
 By a strictly technical definition, this is used to describe using projectors to cast and blend digital imagery onto an already existing environment. Other terms can be scenic projection or architectural projection, but "Environmental Projection" is a term we came up with when we first started doing this for churches, and it stuck!
 Once you understand what it is technically, the most important thing to know about EP is that it is a visual worship TOOL and when used properly and with intentionality by the right people, it can be used to create a powerful transformational visual experience.
 It is not a show and it is not something to be watched; contradicting what our visually stimulating culture.
 Environmental Projection is a way to immerse your people with imagery, color, mood, and emotion of “The Story” God wants us all to experience.

Where Do You Find Media?

We recommend Shift - they are the leader in subscription-based worship visuals that's updated weekly, and includes unlimited downloads.

Christmas and Easter Ideas:

Get some free church media here! 

Environmental Projection FAQ:

How does this get used in a service?
 Environmental Projection is used to create an environment - it's not for showing live video.

How often should we use something like this? How often does the imagery change?
 Just as each song has its own melody/style/tempo, the Environmental Projection needs to fit each element in your worship service. Some churches use one still image on their walls for each element (song/scripture/message), and others use multiple images and even motion video.

Should we use this during the sermon?
 Yes! But, within the right context - it's a powerful teaching tool, but not a replacement for the message.

What kind of projectors do we need?
 Because Environmental Projection uses your architecture as the canvas, projector selection is dependent on a large number of variables that we look at when doing an on-site demo & design. Brightness is one of the most important feature, but also built-in warping features, stock lens options, and warranty/service are all key features.

Do we need to paint our walls with special paint?
 Usually not! Only if your walls are black or very dark blue/brown will painting be needed. Or, you can simply hang light-colored fabric to project on or use screens to create a video backdrop.

What if we have windows?
 It depends on how much light is coming in, but windows are usually not a deal killer.

Do we need HD projectors?
 An "HD" projector is a common misconception - the short answer is no, you don't need "HD" projectors.

Can I re-purpose old projectors?
 Possibly, but I caution against this because I would hate to see an old projector fail a few months into you using Environmental Projection, after spending resources on designing a system with the old projectors.

Is the media content custom or special? Can we make our own? Do you give us any to get started with?
 Yes, yes, and yes! There are lots of media producers that make content for Environmental Projection, and I include a large content starter pack with each complete Environmental Projection system. I also teach you how to make your own content to fit the criteria.

Does this take a media server or special video hardware?
 It does not take a media server, and I actually recommend the Matrox line of graphic expansion modules that are transparent to the volunteers so all they have to operate is the worship presentation software.

Is this all run from a computer with software?
 Yes, and the software is actually worship presentation software that you're probably already using!
 I recommend ProPresenter because it has features that were built in-part for Visual Worshiper and Environmental Projection.


Worship Lighting FAQ:

Do we need to adjust our lighting for the Environmental Projection to work?

Possibly - it all depends on how much ambient and direct light is being cast on your walls.  This is something we address during an on-site demo & design.  When used correctly, lighting can enhance the projection by bringing the same color mood from the projection onto the stage and into the room.

What are some steps we can do right now to help our lighting situation?
 Add color.  I see too many churches with nothing but white light, and it's time we bring some color emotion back into our worship service.  My top three worship lighting colors are Red (intense, passion, blood, sin) Blue (calming, night, cold, peaceful) and Amber/yellow (warm/cheerful, intimate/celebratory).

Should we get moving lights or LEDs?
 Possibly - but there are a lot of questions I want to ask first about your specific situation to make sure you are looking at the right fixtures.

What is the best lighting console?
 Again, there are a lot of questions I need to ask to be able to point you to the best console for YOU.