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ECHO Conference - Lighting Breakout Outline

ECHO Conference - Lighting Breakout Outline

I thought this might be interesting to see!  This is my rough outline for the ECHO conference in July.  If you're interested in coming, you can get 15% off if you use the promo code "camron" when registering - use it for each person!

Hopefully this helps get a glimpse of what we will be talking about!  It will be interactive of course, and I'll be brining some gear to play with.

Where are you in using lighting?  white lights, using some color, using LED/moving lights

Why use lighting - focus, mood, emotion, movement, texture, light vs

Natural light - windows and candles

Lekos - spots, textures, breakups, crates focus instead of washing everything, shutters

Pars/Fresnels - beam angles, fills area, lamp options

Cyc washes - washes up, color fill

LED - advantages; replacing fixtures

Moving lights - placement (menu faces away), purpose, maintenance, cost, reasons to use them:  logistical and artistic

Brands - Elation/Martin/Chauvet/Robe/Cosemar/High End/Vari-lite.  Talk about reliability, life, maintenance, features

Accessories - dichroic glass, gobos/holders, rotators, barn doors, lamp choices, color scrollers

Haze/fog - difference, why and when to use it

Truss - what should you look for, ratings

Power, dimming - how to make it all work, safety and limits

Safety - don't take lens tubes to get wider angle out of lekos, no tape or zip ties.  Color code lamps

Control - consoles (physical and software), DMX

Programming - how do you run service?  On-the-fly or programmed?

Timing/temp for transitions - moving lights sweeps and movements, color changes

Who designs and who creates?

Colors - meaning and what colors I like to use in worship.  Western vs Eastern cultures.  All about context.

Philosophy - Talking  to worship/senior pastor about turning lights down when appropriate - house lighting levels - history of lighting in the Church

Where to find stuff - Cheap house lighting instead of fluorescent lighting, alternatives, eBay, old lighting fixtures, lamps

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