providing transformational visual experiences through technology and relationships


We help churches of all shapes, sizes, demographics, and in any phase of visual worship! From years of experience and a passion for everything projection and lighting, our goal is to help you in your visual worship journey.

On-site and Off-site Services:

Visual Worship Training

We start from the very basic principles of what visual worship is, and how to best use media in your worship service. This is a fun session for your entire media team that takes your through how to best use backgrounds, fonts, lyrics, motion video, color, and your worship space itself as visual worship tools.

Environmental Projection - Demo/Design/Training/Implement
We personally guide you through how to do Environmental Projection from start finish, or we can show it to you live and do everything for you! It all depends on your situation so give us a shout!
We offer a free mock-up of what Environmental Projection would look like in your room, so please contact us and upload pictures!

Lighting - Demo/Design/Training/Implement
Totally customizable to fit where you are with your lighting, we can help with your lighting console, fixtures, troubleshooting, design, and training on the philosophical importance of color and lighting.

Presentation Software
We use ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer as our presentation software as choice, and are available for training and help on how to get the most out of it. If you are looking into switching to ProPresenter, we are an authorized reseller and our personalized training is FREE if you purchase from us.