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Before We Worship...WE Need To Worship

Before We Worship...WE Need To Worship

I am totally speaking to myself on this one...

I do a lot of live events and there are times when things are crazy and I'm stressed because I'm trying to get something technical working before doors open, and I still haven't programmed any visuals/lighting because I'm coming in blind for a one-off event and haven't even met the other people on the crew yet and we don't even have a set list.  WHEW!

I've found that when I don't take the time to pause...and breathe...and pray...and be thankful...none of that cool technology or visuals or "moments" really matter.  When I DON'T pause...the worship time stops being worship, and starts being a chore.

You need to ask yourself where you are in your heart before you start leading others in worship (musically...visually...etc.).  Are you dealing with anger or frustration?  Do you REALLY want to be here doing this?  I've been in that place many times...and it stinks.  I don't want to be here because X, Y, Z is happening at home, or in my heart, and I almost stop caring what I show, which can be dangerous.

I've also been on the other side and seen leaders be downright mean and rude to crew/band members while setting up or backstage, but then get ON stage in front of the congregation and sing about love.  It just irks me either way.

So, as we get into Christmas and all the craziness starts happening, I just think it's important to pause.  Check your heart.  Check your motives.  God doesn't NEED any of this STUFF we're trying to project or light or mic anyway, so don't stain your relationships or your home life or your heart for it.  I think God cares more about that first...

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